Wednesday, June 18, 2014

They've Got to be Going Crazy

I'm really glad I'm not a Conservative these days. These people have got to be going crazy the way the culture is literally running away from them.

A black president, gay marriage and transgender rights have got to be making them howl at the moon. And that's not to mention the steady rise of militant atheism.

They just don't get it. They don't understand why people don't think like them. That's because they're so narrow minded they honestly can't accept they might be wrong. There's a big "No Admittance" sign on their fat far-heads.

Normally being a Conservative is easy because you're so, so sure that you know the truth. Liberals tend to run around like ducks with an itch trying to weigh and balance every conceivable side of an argument. Put six liberals in a room and you'll get nine or ten opinions.

But when Liberals finally agree on a course of action, like the Northern states they call home, "they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche."

That's when the Conservative's pat little ethnocentric world begins to come apart. That's what's happening today.

Things will eventually settle down and stabilize until the next issue rears its ugly head. I wonder what that will be? Robot rights perhaps?

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