Friday, June 13, 2014

The World Cup Day 2

In 2010, when Spain lost the first game to Switzerland, I said it might actually help them by making them focus. Well today the Netherlands avenged its loss last year in the final and clobbered Spain 5-1.

With a minus four goal differential defending champion Spain almost has to win both of the next games against Chile and Australia especially since Chile has beaten Australia 3-1. That gives Chile a 6 goal edge in the first tie breaker.

In the second Group A game Mexico defeated Cameroon 1-0.

The standings after two days:

Group A: Brazil (3), Mexico (3), Cameroon (0), Croatia (0)
Group B: Netherlands (3), Chile (3), Australia (0), Spain (0), 
Group C: Columbia (0)Greece (0), Ivory Coast (0), Japan (0)
Group D: Uruguay (0), Costa Rica (0)England (0), Italy (0)
Group E: Switzerland (0), Ecuador (0)France (0), Honduras (0)
Group F: Argentina (0), Bosnia-Herzegovina (0), Iran (0)Nigeria (0)
Group G: Germany (0)Portugal (0), Ghana (0), United States (0)
Group H: Belgium (0), Algeria (0)Russia (0), South Korea (0)

All four Group C and D matches will be played tomorrow.

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