Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The World Cup Day 14

Well, I got exactly what I needed in Group F. Bosnia-Herzegovina beat Iran 3-1 and Nigeria kept it close against Argentina 3-2. That means Nigeria will advance with Argentina.

In Group E I got exactly what I needed as well. France and Ecuador tied 0-0 while Switzerland beat Honduras 3-0 so both France and Switzerland will advance.

The standings after fourteen days (teams which have clinched moving on to the knockout round are in italics):

Completed Groups
Group A: Brazil (7), Mexico (7), Croatia (3), Cameroon (0)
Group B: Netherlands (9), Chile (6)Spain (3), Australia (0)
Group C: Columbia (6)Greece (1), Ivory Coast (3), Japan (1)
Group D: Costa Rica (7)Uruguay (6), Italy (3), England (1)
Group E: France (7), Switzerland (6),  Ecuador (4), Honduras (0)
Group F: Argentina (9)Nigeria (4), Bosnia-Herzegovina (3), Iran (1)

Groups with Games Remaining
Group G: Germany (4), United States (4), Ghana (1), Portugal (1)
Group H: Belgium (6), Algeria (3), Russia (1), South Korea (1)

So, I'm starting to look a lot smarter than your average chimpanzee. Of the first 6 groups I picked 10 of the 12 teams to advance. I also have Belgium which has clinched a spot so the absolute worst I can do is 11 right. But that won't happen because Germany is not getting eliminated tomorrow so a minimum of 12 looks pretty good.

As for the last two spots, I doubt Portugal can climb out of the hole they're in so either Ghana or the US advances so no help there. I'm hoping Russia beats Algeria though which would give me 13 out of 16 which isn't too shabby.

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