Sunday, June 22, 2014

The World Cup Day 11

Oh that hurt. Oh that REALLY hurt. With a score in the 95th minute Portugal came back to tie the US 2-2. That keeps everyone alive in Group G.

In Group H, Belgium beat Russia 1-0 and Algeria beat South Korea in a wild one 4-2. So Belgium clinches a spot in the knockout round.

The standings after eleven days (teams which have clinched moving on to the knockout round are in italics):

Group A: Brazil (4), Mexico (4), Croatia (3), Cameroon (0)
Group B: Netherlands (6), Chile (6), Australia (0), Spain (0),
Group C: Columbia (6), Ivory Coast (3), Japan (1), Greece (1)
Group D: Costa Rica (6), Italy (3), Uruguay (3), England (0)
Group E: France (6),  Ecuador (3), Switzerland (3), Honduras (0)
Group F: Argentina (6)Nigeria (4), Iran (1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (0)
Group G: Germany (4), United States (4), Ghana (1), Portugal (1)
Group H: Belgium (6), Algeria (3), Russia (1), South Korea (1)

Germany, with a 3 point and 5 GD lead over Ghana and a 3 point and 8 GD lead over Portugal, is all but in. It would take a catastrophe of unprecedented proportions for them not to advance.

The US is in control of its own destiny. A win or draw against Germany, or a draw between Ghana and Portugal, and they advance.

Now we all know that Ghana and Portugal are not going to draw and the US probably isn't going to beat or draw Germany after leaving so much on the pitch against Portugal. That means things should be as exciting as hell next Thursday.

The US has only a 2 GD over Ghana so if they lose, and Ghana wins, that gets wiped out. If either game is by 2 goals or more, Ghana advances. If both games are by one goal then it depends how many goals are scored. If the US scores more goals, they score the same amount of goals, or Ghana scores one goal more, the US will advance. If Ghana scores two or more goals more, Ghana will advance.

You got that?

It's a tougher road for Portugal. The US has a five GD lead over Portugal. So, not only must the US lose and Portugal win, but they need to make up five goals which is unlikely but, hey, that's why you have to play the game.

Group H is much easier. Belgium is in and the winner of the Algeria v. Russia game will advance with them. If it's a draw, Algeria advances unless, by some bizarre twist, South Korea not only defeats Belgium but also makes up a 3 GD.

So, how am I doing?

Six teams have clinched advancing and I picked 4 of those 6. Only five more to go in order to do better than orangutans selecting the winners randomly.

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