Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The World Cup Day 13

Day 13 was unlucky for Italy as they lost to Uruguay and were eliminated. In the other Group D game los Ticos and England played to a 0-0 draw. Uruguay will advance with Costa Rica.

In Group C Greece justified my faith in them by beating The Ivory Coast 2-1 while Columbia handled Japan 4-1.

The standings after thirteen days (teams which have clinched moving on to the knockout round are in italics):

Completed Groups
Group A: Brazil (7), Mexico (7), Croatia (3), Cameroon (0)
Group B: Netherlands (9), Chile (6)Spain (3), Australia (0)
Group C: Columbia (6)Greece (1), Ivory Coast (3), Japan (1)
Group D: Costa Rica (7)Uruguay (6), Italy (3), England (1)

Groups with Games Remaining
Group E: France (6),  Ecuador (3), Switzerland (3), Honduras (0)
Group F: Argentina (6)Nigeria (4), Iran (1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (0)
Group G: Germany (4), United States (4), Ghana (1), Portugal (1)
Group H: Belgium (6), Algeria (3), Russia (1), South Korea (1)

So, how am I doing?

I'll show them goats, orangutans and chimpanzees yet.  Of the 10 teams that have clinched a trip to the next round, I picked 8. Which isn't too bad. I mean, Costa Rica over Italy and England and Spain eliminated in the first round? If you picked those, my hat is off to you.

Six spots left.

In Group F, Nigeria needs to beat, tie or lose by only one goal to Argentina OR Iran has to lose or draw with Bosnia-Herzegovina and Nigeria is in. In Group E I need Switzerland to beat Honduras and Ecuador to lose or draw with France.

Should be interesting especially considering how well the South America teams have been playing. They've clinched five spots in the round of 16.

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