Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The World Cup Day 7

Spain is eliminated by Chile 2-0 who advances with the Netherlands into the Round of 16 as they defeat Australia 3-2. In the Group A game Croatia beats Cameroon 4-0.

The standings after seven days are (teams in italics have clinched moving into the next round):

Group A: Brazil (4), Mexico (4), Croatia (3), Cameroon (0)
Group B: Netherlands (6), Chile (6), Australia (0), Spain (0),
Group C: Columbia (3), Ivory Coast (3), Japan (0), Greece (0)
Group D: Costa Rica (3), Italy (3), England (0), Uruguay (0)
Group E: France (3), Switzerland (3), Ecuador (0), Honduras (0)
Group F: Argentina (3), Iran (1), Nigeria (1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (0)
Group G: Germany (3), United States (3), Ghana (0), Portugal (0)
Group H: Belgium (3), Russia (1), South Korea (1), Algeria (0)

So Group A is still a little open. Croatia, by beating Mexico, could jump ahead of them and Brazil could need at least a draw with Cameroon if Mexico and Croatia draw.

If the unthinkable happens and Cameroon somehow manages to beat Brazil, while Mexico and Croatia draw, then Mexico would come in by points 5-4 and Croatia would come in second by way of goal differential because right now both Croatia and Brazil are at +2 goals.

I suspect that's REALLY unlikely but hey, that's why you have to play the game.

If Brazil and Mexico both win then first will be determined by goal differential. Right now Brazil has a 1 goal advantage.

In Group B the Netherlands and Chile will both advance. The winner of their game will come in first and the loser second. If it's a draw then the Netherlands will come in first based upon goal differential.

In tomorrow's games Greece, England and Uruguay all just about have their World Cup lives on the line.

As for my picks, at least 2, and possibly 3, of my 4 picks in Groups A & B will advance. Group C looks so-so but could improve tomorrow if Greece beats Japan. Group D looks really ugly and Group E looks good. Groups F, G & H look so-so.

My pet goat Frankie, picking randomly, would be expected to get about 8 of the 16 right. Let's see if I can at least beat that.

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