Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh My

Almost a whole month without a single post.

Sometimes you just can't get around to doing all the things you want to do because of the things you need to do.

Ah well, complaining isn't going to change anything. I think I'll just put down some impressions from the last month.

The Debt Ceiling
I'd like to say that the stalemate is the result of two different viewpoints on what's best for the country. Unfortunately I have this feeling that it's based upon two different viewpoints on what's best for the politicians involved.

Casey Anthony
Not since O.J. Simpson have so many people been so incensed about a verdict. Why? Because a lot of people have this feeling that this is a case of "not proven guilty" rather than a case of being innocent. I have to respect the decision of the jurors. They heard the evidence and saw the body language and I didn't. I do think Nancy Grace should be ashamed of her biased coverage and CNN should seriously consider booting her rear end out the door.

Michele Bachmann
It's hard to believe that someone could actually make Sarah Palin look like an acceptable candidate but Bachmann is coming close. Not only is hubby engaging in Reparative Therapy but Bachmann herself claims to be receiving directions straight from God. She wins, I break out my sniper rifle.