Monday, June 16, 2014

The World Cup Day 5

Hey, the US beat Ghana 2-1. Goes to show you what I know. Germany clobbered Portugal 4-0 which was a bit of a surprise or at least the score was.

And, of course, after me making all sorts of cooing sounds about more scoring this time around and no draws so far we got a 0-0 draw between Nigeria and Iran.

The standings after five days:

Group A: Brazil (3), Mexico (3), Cameroon (0), Croatia (0)
Group B: Netherlands (3), Chile (3), Australia (0), Spain (0),
Group C: Columbia (3), Ivory Coast (3), Japan (0), Greece (0)
Group D: Costa Rica (3), Italy (3), England (0), Uruguay (0)
Group E: France (3), Switzerland (3), Ecuador (0), Honduras (0)
Group F: Argentina (3), Iran (1), Nigeria (1), Bosnia-Herzegovina (0)
Group G: Germany (3), United States (3), Ghana (0), Portugal (0)
Group H: Belgium (0), Algeria (0), Russia (0), South Korea (0)

Tomorrow we get the two games from the final group, Belgium v. Algeria and Russia v. South Korea, plus the first second game between Brazil and Mexico.

There are several games coming up between teams that both lost the first game. Another loss and they're pretty much done.

Wed. Cameroon v. Croatia
Thu. Uruguay v. England and Japan v. Greece
Fri. Honduras v. Ecuador

The next game for the US is against Portugal on Sunday. That's a big game for both teams. For the US a chance to lock-up a trip to the round of 16 and for Portugal a need to hold off elimination.

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