Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Bad News for the Forces of Darkness

Right wing nut jobs like Tony Perkins keep predicting dire consequences and even open rebellion should gay marriage become the law of the land.

As usual, the right wing is delusional.

The Human Rights Campaign used Republican pollster TargetPoint consulting to conduct a poll on gay marriage as a special gift for NOM's while they "march" tomorrow.

Consistent with other polls they found support for gay marriage at a solid 56% while opposition was at only 37%. Even more interesting, the number of people STRONGLY supporting gay marriage was found to be approaching a majority at 44%.

As for the chances of a rebellion should gay marriage become legal across the country, it's just about zero. Only 18% agree with Perkins about a "firestorm of opposition" while a solid 59% disagree.

Fully 62% of Americans say the country wouldn't be that different if gays could marry and 74% said their life wouldn't change. Even among those that said things would be different 20% thought the changes would be positive.

The culture has come to terms with gay marriage. Only the Supreme Court, by doing something excruciatingly stupid, could upset this apple cart.

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