Sunday, June 29, 2014

The World Cup Day 17

Wow, just wow. In the 88th minute Wesley Sneijder of the Netherlands simply smashed a goal kick rebound into the net and the Dutch won it in extra time on a penalty kick 2-1.

In the second game, with 24 minutes left and a 1-0 lead, Costa Rica was reduced to 10 men when Oscar Duarte got his second yellow card of the game. Costa Rica managed to hold off Greece until the 1st minute of extra time when Greece tied the score 1-1.

Costa Rica then managed to hold off 30 minutes of overtime pressure and go on to win in penalty kicks 5-3. Talk about cardiac kids.

After two days of the round of 16 (my picks bold, winners in italics).

Brazil v. Chile
Netherlands v. Mexico
Columbia v. Uruguay
Coata Rica v. Greece
France v. Nigeria
Argentina v. Switzerland
Germany v. Algeria
Belgium v. USA

So after two days I'm 4-0. Excuse me while I go and polish my four leaf clover because I could have easily been 1-3.

So, where do I think we're headed? I don't know. I have to take a good look at France playing in the South American heat.

I think Columbia v. Brazil is going to be an absolutely fascinating game. My other big question mark is Argentina v. Switzerland. I hemmed and hawed a lot on that one before ultimately going with the Swiss but this is by far the game I have the least confidence in.

So that means it'll probably be the only one of the last four games I get right. No way that happens. If Germany loses to Algeria I'll make like it's 1982 and hop the next train to Munich.

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