Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Russian World Cup and Jesus Christ

Apparently a poll taken in Russia found that 8% of the population thought Russia would win the World Cup. Some bozos on the internet thought this was funny and were making fun of it.

Come on, 8%? That many people in the U.S. couldn't tell you how many states there are in the union or who's on a quarter. Hell, I'll bet you more people than that in the U.S. couldn't even tell you what sport the World Cup is associated with.

You want to laugh? Well in a recent Pew Research poll 41% of Americans think Jesus Christ will return by 2050. Trust me, it's a hell of a lot more likely that the Russians will win the World Cup than it is that Jesus Christ is coming back (assuming he was ever here to begin with).

On the bright side, 46% said it wasn't going to happen. Let's break this down a little shall we?

The only region of the country where a majority of people thought Jesus would be back was, (oh come on, do I have to tell you?) you guessed it, the South. 52% of people in the South said it will happen while only 33% said it wouldn't.

What freaking planet do the people in the South live on? Can somebody please check the damn water down there?

On the other end of the spectrum was the secular Northeast where 64% said it wouldn't happen and only 29% said it would. In between were the west, 51%-35% said it wouldn't, and the Midwest, 47%-39% said it wouldn't.

Let's compare this against education shall we? Those with a high school education or less said Jesus would come back by a margin of 59%-31%. Those with at least a college degree said it wouldn't happen by a margin of 64%-19%. Those with at least some college said it wouldn't happen by a margin of 51%-35%.

As I've said before, the solution to religion is education.

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