Monday, July 12, 2010

Ok, so those weren’t the final thoughts on the World Cup

Hey, it’s not my fault. Ryan Bailey at “Dirty Tackle” published an article about the “Ten things we’d like to see at World Cup 2014” and I can’t let that go by without putting in my two cents.

#1 – More Superstar Performances
Nay, I disagree. Bailey seems disappointed that the heralded players didn’t dominate more. I don’t have a problem with superstar performances but personally I’m more enamored with the emergence of the surprise hero, the guy who comes out of the pack to the surprise and joy of the sports world.

#2 – A less annoying fan craze
Oh I agree with this one. I don’t EVER want to hear another vuvuzela.

#3 – Less empty seats
I don’t think you have to worry about this one in Brazil.

#4 – More Maradona
Oh yeah, I could do with lots more Maradona. The man is a treasure.

#5 – The introduction of video technology
Agreed, it’s foolish not to provide the refs with the technology to do their job better.

#6 – Less psychic animals
I hope you don’t mean by this no psychic animals? Paul was part of the whole panorama of the tournament. Nobody paid any attention to those false prophets put forward by zoos and aquariums trying to cash in on Paul’s talent and fame anyway.

#7 – More ambush marketing
Agreed, as a matter of fact I think there should be a trophy for the best ambush marketing stunt especially when good looking Dutch girls in short skirts are involved.

#8 – More French mishaps
Aw, come on, give the French a break. They’ve suffered enough (*cough, cough*).

#9 – Better stadium security
Absolutely, there are too many nuts in the world. The pranks in South Africa were semi-playful but the bombings in Uganda weren't and I'm more worried about the latter than the former.

#10 – A better final
I’m betting the Brazilian national team will have a lot to say about this one and I'm also betting that you can take it to the bank that there will be more fireworks in the final four years from now.

The one you missed is less goddamned feigned injury flopping.

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