Friday, July 02, 2010

Uruguay in a Wild One

When Luis Suarez wins one for Uruguay it's usually with a rocket strike into the net like he did against South Korea. This time it was batting away a goal, illegally, with his hands at the very end of the overtime period with the score Uruguay 1, Ghana 1.

The play brought an immediate Red Card and a penalty kick awarded to Ghana. It was total bedlam in the stadium as the last remaining African team looked poised to advance to the semi-final. But Asamoah Gyan's kick hit the crossbar and the game proceeded to the penalty kick shoot out which Uruguay won 4-2.

Now THAT is a tough loss.

So what about the fact that Suarez essentially cheated in order to give his team a chance? You wouldn't fault a football player that purposely commits pass interference in order to prevent a winning touchdown, or a basketball player that purposely fouls to prevent a winning basket, so I'm not going to fault Suarez either.

Unfortunately for Uruguay, because of the Red Card, the star striker will miss the semi-final game against the Netherlands and that is going to hurt.

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