Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Uruguay Falls to the Netherlands

My sentimental favorite is gone so now I’ll be rooting for my #2 favorite, Das Nederlands. I really would like to see the Dutch finally win. They deserve it and they especially deserve it after knocking off Brazil.

That win makes me 11-2 in the knockout round and 22-7 overall. Not too shabby for an old coach who hung up his Class C license 10 years ago.

Germany and Spain are still to play this afternoon so the second half of the final has yet to be determined. I’m sticking with Germany and an all Nordic final.

On a personal note, I think Diego Forlan of Uruguay has edged out Luiz Suarez and emerged as my favorite player in the tournament. The man has one gear, HYPER! Of course that could all change during the Third Place game yet to come for Uruguay.

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