Friday, July 09, 2010

Paul says I’m right, Mani says I’m wrong

Who are Paul and Mani you ask? They’re friends of my pet goat Frankie. While Frankie specializes in making me look silly over my NFL football picks, Paul, an octopus in Oberhausen Germany, and Mani, a parakeet in Singapore, specialize in World Cup predictions.

Paul, so they say, has correctly predicted the outcome of all of Germany’s games this year including the loss to Spain. That prediction spurred a number of Germans to speculate on how Paul would taste for dinner and some even sent in recipes. According to the AP, that prompted Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero to become concerned about the safety of “El Pulpo Paul,” as he’s known in Spain, and offered Paul protection.

However Paul appears to be quite safe as his loving admirers far outnumber the would be octopus gourmets.

Paul agrees with my picks and has chosen Germany to win over Uruguay and Spain to triumph over the Netherlands in the final.

Mani, the Singapore based parakeet, begs to differ however. Mani has chosen the Netherlands to win on Sunday. I’m not aware of any prediction for the Germany v. Uruguay game.

So it’s an Octopus v. Parakeet showdown. Oh, the excitement is almost unbearable *snore*.

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