Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jason Collins

Jason Collins has just announced that he is gay. What makes this remarkable is that Jason Collins is a professional basketball player for the Washington Wizards of the NBA,

This makes Collins the first openly gay active player in a major professional team sport in North America.

Other players have come out after they retired but no one, before now, has done it while still playing.

Let me tell you, that took guts. A sports locker room is not the place for the faint of heart with all that testosterone and adrenaline flying around.

So far the reaction from politicians, the media and other players has been either positive or silence. Folks from Kobe Bryant to Bill Clinton have expressed their support. The usual suspects on the religious right are, of course, going even more bat-shit crazy than usual but that's no real surprise.

Jason, you the man. I hope this all works out for you.

Now we wait for the 1st gay baseball, hockey and football players to come forward. We all know they're there and it's just a matter of time.

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