Friday, April 19, 2013

The Boston Marathon Suspects

Well the first phase is over.

After a firefight last night in which one of the suspects, 26 year-old Tamerlane Tsarnaev, was killed, the second suspect, 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was arrested hiding under a tarp in a boat behind a Watertown house.

Apparently the police and FBI spent the whole day searching a 20 square block area a block and a half from where Tsarnaev was actually hiding.

Maybe now Glenn Beck and the other right wing assholes will stop with the nonsense about a conspiracy to protect a Saudi-Arabian student who they were so sure was involved despite repeated assurances from authorities that the man was innocent.

It's too much to hope that this fiasco will finally demonstrate to Beck's audience that the man is a lunatic unworthy of taking seriously.

On the reality front, I wonder when the criticism of the police and FBI will begin? Despite hundreds of police combing the area they couldn't find him because, essentially, they were looking in the wrong place.

They had even given a preliminary "all-clear" when someone supposedly reported seeing blood leading to the boat. The blood may have been the result of Tsarnaev being wounded in last night's firefight. Maybe if he hadn't been wounded he would have been halfway to Wyoming while the keystone cops were searching everywhere in the town except where he actually was.

Ok, that wasn't nice. Four days to get them both is pretty impressive.

As for the media, I understand they can't sign off when something could happen any second but boy can they talk about nothing. If I had heard one more "neighbor" tell an incoherent story about nothing I would have blown a gasket.

Of the networks, NBC was the least annoying and next was CBS. Fox was doing OK until it brought on Geraldo Rivera who started spewing unsubstantiated crap but, by far the worst, was ABC.

There was this woman who was annoying beyond belief. My daughter thought it might have been Diane Sawyer. I don't know who it was but I would have paid big bucks to dump a bucket of ice water on her to shut her up. Instead I used the channel changer. Great invention that.

Now we move on to phase two. Growth of the right wing conspiracy theories and persecution of the innocent.

Michelle Bachmann will probably blame in on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Glenn Beck is already focused on that poor Saudi student and will probably throw in Common Core somehow.

Matt Barber and Linda Harvey will blame homosexuality and gay marriage and last, but not least, Pat Robertson will blame it on demonic influences allowed to creep into American society because prayer was removed from the public schools.

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