Monday, April 15, 2013

Bombing at Boston Marathon

Two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. According to the latest reports there are 3 dead and 113 injured. Who planted the bombs and why is unknown. Law enforcement officials are treating the incident as a terrorist attack which seems reasonable to me.

New York has tightened security just in case and the media is going crazy.

Yes it's a big story but little is known right now and interviewing everyone that was in the vicinity of Boston isn't going to change that.

What do you want people to say?

There were two explosions and they scared the hell out of anyone in the vicinity. That's just plain common sense and a normal reaction. Repeating it thirty-five or forty times isn't going to change anything.

Stay calm, move out of the area and let the authorities do their job. I'm sure we'll all hear about it when they learn what's going on.

The US Media, especially television media, really need to put a lid on it. Speculating and going all loony tunes over things just encourages other nut cases to try the same thing. Remember that baseball long ago learned not to show field crashers on television.

So, who do I think is responsible? I have no clue and neither does anyone else right now so let's not prepare any declarations of war just yet.

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