Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Meanwhile, over on Pluto

In case you missed it, the "Awakening" conference, sponsored by Liberty Counsel, was held last weekend at a half full First Baptist Church in Oviedo Florida just outside of Orlando.

As reported by Right Wing Watch headliners included Michelle Bachmann, in person, and Marco Rubio via video.

Right Wing Watch observed that the major themes of the conference included the following, with commentary.

America is in spiritual decline and on the verge of total destruction at the hands of dictator-emulating, jihad-enabling socialist President Barack Obama and his religious-freedom-hating allies in the radical homosexual lobby.

In other words they won't let us force our morality on everyone else and they won't let us persecute everyone who looks different, acts different or thinks different than we do. Oh yeah, and we don't know what the hell socialism is but we know we're 'agin it.

Conservative America, is at war – at war with militant Islam, secular humanism, abortionists, a “radical homosexual activist movement,” and with Satan, who inspires these movements.

So, where's you "god" in all this? I thought he was all powerful? Did he decide to sit this one out?

President Obama is leading America down the road to socialist tyranny.

This despite a Republican house, a conservative supreme court and the fact that you idiots clearly don't know what constitutes socialism. I notice you're not crying about the still improving economy anymore are you?

Public schools are left-wing indoctrination centers and there’s no excuse for Christian parents to send their students to a public school.

In other words, they're teaching the kids REAL math, REAL science and REAL history instead of the delusional conservative crap these folks like to make up.

Christian educators should treat public schools as a mission field.

Aside from the fact that "Christian educators" is an oxymoron, I don't know WTF this even means.

Conservative political losses among Hispanics and youth are due to lousy public education, media bias, and bad messaging by conservatives.

No, its because Hispanics and the young recognize that conservatives are bat-shit crazy and have no handle upon reality whatsoever.

Political action alone will not be enough to save America – only a religious revival and Great Awakening will turn America around.

First of all, what YOU consider to be "America" doesn't deserve to be saved and it won't be. You're not going to be able to reverse the progress of the last 50 years. If anything, it's about to accelerate so get used to the idea.

Therefore conservative preachers need to be much more aggressive in their preaching.

I can't think of a better way to dig your own graves than to let these bat-shit crazy morons be more aggressive. Hey, I have an idea. How about you split off and create a separate political party focused on the themes of this conference?

Yeah, that would work.

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