Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Zealand makes 13

New Zealand became the 13th country to legalize same sex marriage joining Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Uruguay. Vietnam, originally was to address the question in the spring of 2013, has delayed action until 2014.

There are 13 jurisdictions in the US, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, the District of Columbia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington, Iowa and three Tribal jurisdictions, in which same sex marriages can be performed, 10 jurisdictions in Brazil and two in Mexico.

The wall is crumbling and the forces of darkness are in retreat but the war isn't over yet.

In France opposition to same sex marriage is becoming increasingly vocal as legalization creeps forward and in the US the SCOTUS is poised to pass judgment on two critical same sex marriage cases. The current conservative court could turn back the clock by a decade with a bad decision.

Victory is certain. The only questions are how long will it take and what will be the cost? The SCOTUS could help things enormously by, if not coming down in favor of gay marriage, then at least rendering neutral or benign decisions.

Unfortunately I don't have all that much confidence in a court that includes Scalia and Thomas.

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