Monday, May 06, 2013

The Boy Scout Vote

Well it's May so the Boy Scout council will be voting soon. The problem is this is what I call a "have you stopped beating your wife vote?"

The proposal is to accept gay member into the scouts up until age 18. At age 18 they must leave. This locks the door on any gay leaders. There would be no change of the scout's "no atheists" rule.

The problem is you can either vote "yes" or "no." There is no other option. So if you believe there should be no restriction what do you do?

If you vote "no," because the proposal is incomplete, you essentially vote for the current policy and the boy scouts can say, "see admitting gays was rejected."

If you vote "yes," then they can say "see the proposal was accepted."

Personally I would vote "no" in the hope the proposal would be defeated and the pressure would remain on for a change of policy.

This is the same problem I have with presidential approval ratings. Saying you disapprove doesn't say WHY you disapprove.

Are you disapproving because he's a left wing socialist or because he's not enough of a left wing socialist? If the latter, you're not about to vote for a Mitt Romney instead.

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