Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boy Scouts Poised to Vote on Gay Members

I believe the vote is scheduled to occur tomorrow.

This is always an entertaining discussion. For what it's worth I'll give you my thoughts on some of what I've heard about this question.

The BSA are a private organization and can make whatever rules it wants.
Yes, this is a true statement.  The boy scouts are a private organization and can make whatever rules they want. That is their right according to the supreme court. However, other private organizations have the right not to agree with those rules and to pull funding and support. This one of the issues facing the scouts today. Many large corporate supporters have pulled funding in protest over the discrimination of gays.

I might point out that 100 years ago the BSA was struggling over whether blacks should be allowed to join. Some troops let them join, but wouldn't let them wear scout uniforms. That seems utterly ridiculous today doesn't it? I suspect that this argument over gays will seem ridiculous 100 years from now as well.

Homosexuality is immoral.
Really? Says who? And please don't tell me "God." For all those claiming to know what God says or what God wants, the Girl Scouts allow gays and atheists and the Lord God of Hosts (if he, she or it exists) hasn't incinerated them nor those of us that buy their cookies. I take this as a sign that either God approves of the girl scout policy, doesn't care or doesn't exist, your choice.

I still say the whole proposal is a sham because there are really three choices but only two things you can vote on. If you believe that allowing gay scouts under 18 but dismissing gay scouts after 18 and prohibiting gay leaders isn't good enough, what do you do?

If you vote "Yes," then you accept a half-measure. If you vote "No," then the scout council can accurately but misleadingly say you were opposed to changing the rule against allowing gays.

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