Thursday, May 30, 2013

Schlafly on Gay Marriage

Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum may well be one of the most conservative people on the planet. So, naturally, she's opposed to Gay Marriage. But, incredibly, she seems to have no comprehension of the issue.

In a recent interview Schlafly, when asked to comment on a recent Gallup poll that showed 54% of the population in favor of Gay Marriage, Schlafly responded with the following, complete with commentary.

"The polls are very defective. If you look at the polls, most of them ask the question: Are you in favor of banning same-sex marriage?"

Actually, no they don't. Typically they ask whether someone is in favor of allowing gays to marry. The Gallup question is actually balanced and asks "Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?"

"Now, we have no law that bans same-sex marriage."

WRONG! Not only do states have laws against same-sex marriage, 25 states forbid it in their state constitutions.

“Any gay couple can get married— all they have to do is find a preacher or justice of the peace who will perform the ceremony. There’s no law against that.”

Yes, Schlafly is a blithering idiot that would like nothing better than to tell the rest of us how we should live, how we should act and what we should think. Here's a woman that doesn't even understand the legal framework of the issue yet howls at the moon about it on a regular basis.

If you think about this though, you realize that if you're ignorant enough to think the issue is no one wants to perform the Gay Marriage ceremony, because only ordained Christian Ministers can marry people, you begin to understand why someone would look upon Gay Marriage as an assault upon Freedom of Religion.

Of course that's not the case. Gay Marriages are legal in only 12 states. Eight additional states provide for Civil Unions of varying degrees of equality with marriage. Of course different is inherently unequal so none of these, not even New Jersey which by court order must provide equality, are equal to marriage.

Even if Gay Marriage were to become legal in the entire country, I guarantee you religion would be granted the option of refusing to perform Gay Marriages based upon religious convictions.

And they wonder why we laugh at them.

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