Friday, January 22, 2010

The Rifle Scopes Part 3

General Petraeus has called the Biblical references on the rifle sights provided by Trijicom “disturbing” and has issued his assurance “that there is much greater sensitivity among our troopers about this kind of thing than, apparently, there is in whatever contractor produced those sights."

Petraeus might want to take a closer look at his chaplain corps since from what I’ve heard it’s not clear that some of them have “much greater sensitivity,” or any sensitivity for that matter, about this kind of thing at all.

In the meantime Tijicom has promised to terminate the practice and to supply 100 modification kits to allow the Pentagon to remove the plates on weapons already deployed. They have also offered to supply the same kits to foreign forces, such as New Zealand and Australia, who also use the rifle sights.

Sounds like the right resolution to an unfortunate situation.

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