Friday, January 29, 2010

More on the Tim Tebow Ad

Apparently the overwhelming majority of folks don’t see a problem with the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad to be aired during the Super Bowl.

They are entitled to their opinion but I respectfully disagree for two reasons.

The first is that you are not entitled to exercise your right of free speech on anything at anytime or anywhere. I can think of any number of situations where it would be inappropriate, disrespectful or downright rude.

I consider this case downright rude. I’d like to enjoy the game. I don’t mind advertisements which claim they can improve my enjoyment of life such as beer and car commercials (probably because I’m used to them). I do object to political propaganda. I would object just as strongly to an ad by Choice supporters or Gay Marriage advocates.

My second objection is the sponsoring organization. Regardless of whether the ad is tastefully done as CBS whines, one has to consider the source and what the source stands for. Would CBS air a tastefully done ad submitted by the American Nazi Party or the KKK? Somehow I doubt it.

What Focus on the Family advocates is as objectionable to many Americans as what the American Nazis or the KKK advocate. They would deny other women the right to make the choice that Pam Tebow had full freedom to make; they would relegate gays to second class citizenship and they would happily dismantle the separation of church and state and establish a Christian pre-eminence.

You will excuse me, but Focus on the Family can go to hell. I’d rather not be subjected to their mutterings while I’m trying to enjoy myself. In the same vein, Pam and Tim might want to reconsider the company they're keeping.

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