Friday, January 29, 2010

More on Tim Tebow

Ok, so I’m not thrilled about Tim’s upcoming Super Bowl ad and I find the bible references on his eye blacks (something the NCAA might have done something about and I’m hoping the NFL will do something about) annoying.

You will notice that I’m assuming he will play in the NFL. I assume that because although he’s a fundy airhead, he’s a pretty good football player.

I’m sort of wondering how he would fit in with the Giants. The Giants don’t really have someone that could be effective out of the Wildcat formation. Tim might just fit that role quite nicely as well as be a sometimes tight end or slot receiver.

With both Manning and Tebow in the formation, the defense would never know whether a shift into the Wildcat was coming or whether they were going to have to worry about Tim going out on a pass pattern. That could really be fun to watch.

Besides, can you imagine Tebow in the Big Apple? That could really be fun to watch too.

I suspect that Coughlin has too many other problems he needs to address and is too conservative a coach to go for something like this, but then again, hey, ya never know.

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