Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The NFL Championship Games

Clearly I can only get games on Saturday right. I’m 4-0 on the Saturday games and 0-4 on the Sunday games. Go figure. The bottom line is I’ve done no better than my pet goat Frankie who picks the games randomly.

Jets at Colts
The biggest surprise last weekend was the Jets. The bottom line appears to be you stop their running attack and force them to pass the ball on your terms rather than theirs or you’re in trouble. On the other side of the ball, you have to figure out a way to beat their defense.

It’s the defense that’s the key. Basically they forced Rivers into two big mistakes and that essentially decided the game. Peyton Manning isn’t Phillip Rivers but even he has been known to force a play or two when things aren’t going right and that could spell disaster.

If there was justice in the world, the Jets would beat the Colts. The Colts, by resting their starters in their game against the Jets in the regular season, may have given the Jets a second life. Now the Colts find them back and they’ll have to play them for real.

All logic says that the Colts win. Screw logic, J-E-T-S Jets, I’m going with Sanchez and Gang Green.

Vikings at Saints
I thought the Cowboys would take the Vikings or at least make it a close game. I was really surprised at how easily the Vikings shoved them aside. This is a really tough one. I’ve always thought that New Orleans was the team to beat in the NFC but now I’m not so sure.

Still, home field advantage and Brees slinging the ball around makes me lean toward the Saints. I’m taking New Orleans.

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