Saturday, August 06, 2016

I saw a Post that said that the American Voters are coming to their senses.

The American voters are coming to their senses? Would you like to place a small wager on that one?

There was a Reuters poll last night that claimed the margin between Clinton and Trump was less than 4 points. Not only that but the array of states that look like they will contribute their electoral votes to the Trump looks to be about the same number that voted for Romney.

There are Trump signs on lawns around here and I’m utterly at a loss to understand why anyone would even consider voting for this self-centered, ignorant, loud mouthed clown. Then I remember that Republicans live in an alternate reality shaped by Fox News and Right Wing talk radio.

In Louisiana something like 30% of Republicans blame Obama for the slow response to Katrina. Something like 25% of all Republicans believe that (1) unemployment has gone UP under Obama and (2) the stock market has gone DOWN under Obama. Then of course the policies enacted by Obama and Clinton led to the death of Captain Humayun Khan, Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim and Hillary Clinton planned and personally led the attack on Benghazi.

I like to think I’m insane. Because if I’m NOT insane, then 50% of the country is insane and I sleep much better at night thinking that I’m the crazy one.

I fear for the future of the Republic.

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