Monday, January 14, 2013

The NFL Championships

Jeez, I was within 31 seconds times 2 of being 4-0 in the Divisional Play-offs. Instead I end up a lackluster 2-2. How do you give up a 70 yard touchdown with 31 seconds left and the other guys have no timeouts? At least I'm not a Broncos fan because that one hurts.

Almost as bad was Seattle. You come all the way back from 20-0 and take the lead only to cough up a last second field goal.

Dear Pete Carrol, I want you to spend all winter thinking about two things. First, the chip shot field goal you didn't go for AND didn't give it to Marshawn Lynch on 3rd and 1 AND didn't give it to Marshawn Lynch on 4th and 1. Pete, when you have a Marshawn Lynch you give him the freaking ball when you desperately need a yard. If you weren't making the calls, you should have been. Second, that laughable clock management at the end of the 1st half. What the hell was that?

As for John Fox...John, you have Peyton Manning at QB and the best short passing game in the league. You THROW the freaking ball on 3rd and 7 instead of running into a nine man box. You get the first down and the Ravens are in a world of hurt. And if you weren't making that play call, you should have been.

Bah, enough with the sour grapes. So I'm 5-3 going into the Championship games.

49ers at Falcons
Like I said, Colin Kaepernick is a real wild card. He was great against the Packers. Can he pull a repeat performance against the Falcons? I should probably go with the Falcons but screw it, I'm going with Colin and the 49ers.

Ravens at Patriots
I'm 0-2 with the Ravens this year and I really don't care for the Patriots but I'm going to go with Tom Brady at home to disappoint the Ravens for the second year in a row.

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