Monday, January 21, 2013

On to the Super Bowl

If I'd always taken the Ravens instead of always going against them, I'd look like a genius. Of course that would have been terribly misleading.

So I was 1-1 yesterday. The 49ers didn't disappoint but Tom Brady looked like he was lost in Framingham. That puts me 6-4 going into the big one.

So what do I think? I can guarantee you if I pick the Ravens they'll lose so I have to go with the Niners. I picked them to win this year after they lost to the Giants last year and that was with Alex Smith at QB. I like this kid Kaepernick a lot more so how could I not go with them? David Akers salvages his season with a late game winner and the 49ers are champs for the 6th time 20-17.

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