Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Piers Morgan, Alex Jones and Gun Control

Anyone, after watching Alex Jones, that isn't concerned that man has guns isn't paying attention. He's a certifiable lunatic. New World Order? Give me a break. Maybe he should watch out for the Illuminati while he's at it?

No government can institute a tyranny without support of the armed forces. Do you really think the US armed forces would support a dictatorship or a suspension of the rule of law?

If you do think so, then WHY year in and year out does the US Military rank as the most trusted organization among American citizens?

It takes a mind boggling degree of compartmentalization to place trust in the organization you also think you need a gun to protect yourself against.

I also checked Jones' statistics. Yes the UK has a MUCH higher violent crime rate than the US (about 2,000 vs 460 crimes per 100,000 population) but, and this is a very big but, violent crime rates are dominated by assault and the definition of assault is radically different in different jurisdictions and so are the reporting requirements.

The FBI constantly warns against using violent crime statistics alone to compare jurisdictions.

Arguably, a more consistent statistic is Murder Rate which includes involuntary manslaughter as the definition is virtually identical everywhere. The US Murder Rate is 4.8. The UK Murder Rate is 1.2. So with all our guns, we still have four times the number of homicides.

The Murder Rate in Germany (no guns) is 0.8 and in Japan (no guns) 0.4. The simple conclusion is if there are no guns, it's harder to kill someone. I'm NOT saying these numbers are conclusive, but they cannot simply be ignored.

We need to seriously discuss guns in this country but Alex Jones and Wayne LaPierre probably shouldn't be part of the conversation.

As for the 2nd Amendment, if you want to get all Strict Interpretation of the Constitution about it, the only gun anyone has the right to bear is a smooth bore musket or a primitive 18th century rifle.

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