Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poll on Roe v. Wade

In an NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey 54% polled said that abortion should be legal in all or most cases (31%-all, 23%-most) while 35% said it should be illegal with exceptions and only 9% that it should be illegal in all cases.

As for Roe v. Wade, 70% said it should not be overturned compared to only 24% who said it should be overturned.

According to analysts this survey marks the latest in a trend of abortion becoming more accepted by groups who traditionally opposed it such as women without degrees, Blacks and Latinos.

In the meantime conservative leaning or Republican controlled states continue to erect barriers between women and an abortion.

As I’ve said before I’m shaky on the concept of abortion but I understand that I have no right to decide for someone else. That being the case I support abortion being legal in all cases but believe we should work towards eliminating the need for abortion through sex education and birth control as much as feasible.

No one has the right to decide such a life significant event for someone else.

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