Monday, January 07, 2013

The Divisional Round

Hey, I got three out of four right in the Wild Card round. I thought I was going to pull another both right on Saturday and both wrong on Sunday when the Skins started out ahead 14-0. Guess I should have stayed conventional and taken the Ravens.

So now on to the Divisional Round.

Ravens at Broncos
I’m taking Peyton Manning and the Broncos.

Packers at San Francisco
Blah, this is a tough one. If Alex Smith was still at QB for SF I wouldn’t be hesitant, I'd take Green Bay. Kaepernick is a lot more of an unknown quantity. Still, I really like that San Francisco defense. But can I go against Aaron Rogers? Yes I can, San Francisco it is.

Seahawks at Falcons
Oh this is a interesting one. Logic says I should take the Falcons. Screw logic. I like the Seahawks.

Texans at Patriots
I’m taking Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Elsewhere Chip Kelly of the University of Oregon has decided to stay there and, at least for now, pass up an NFL opportunity disappointing both the Browns and the Eagles. Good move Chip. You do not need the grief. Besides, why the hell would you want to live in Cleveland or Philadelphia? Hold out for New York and either the Giants or the Jets.

Tom Coughlin has to retire sometime and how long can Rex Ryan continue to screw the pooch?

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