Monday, October 22, 2012


I got to see Robert Griffin III live, for the first time yesterday, at MetLife staduim. All I can say is this guy is going to cause everyone in the NFC East a lot of misery over the coming years.

They chased him left, They chased him right. They chased him in the middle, up, over, down and sideways and the guy still made plays. Fourth and ten, late in the game where he should have been nail by Jason Pierre-Paul and he manages a 19 yard completion.

The guy is unbelievable and Mike Shanahan's decision to mold the offense to match what RGIII is used to rather than try and fit him into a pro offense is sheer genius. So far at least the NFL hasn't been able to solve this puzzle.

Of course, it's early yet.

Next week the Skins go to Pittsburgh and then get Carolina before heading into a bye week. But the big games are right after that. They'll play the Eagles at home and then head to Dallas for Thanksgiving. A short digression here. What a rotten thing to do to a rookie quarterback! Sending him to Dallas on Thanksgiving Day!

RGIII makes the Redskins relevent again in the NFC East hunt. Now it's a four team scramble and any one of them could end up on top. The Redskins actually have a bit of an edge because they're playing a last place schedule.

The question is how long can he avoid getting hurt?

His brand of free, unrestrained football is exciting and can drive defenses crazy, but it's only a matter of time before the hits he's taking begin to take a toll. He slows down an step or two and everything changes.

Still, that could be years away or it could happen next week. Or, it may never happen. We shall see what we shall see.

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