Wednesday, October 10, 2012

David Siegel says I’ll fire you if Obama wins

Well, he didn’t quite say that. What the CEO of Westgate Resorts did say was if Obama wins and raises taxes he may have to lay off workers or even shut down the company.

In his e-mail Siegel made the case of how he’s devoted his whole life to the business and now people who didn’t work nearly as hard think they’re entitled to the same things he has.

No David, that is complete nonsense.

How many summer homes and yachts do you need? You’ve had that stinking 3% now for twelve years. You didn’t have it before and giving it to you sent the government budget into debt so the time has come to take it back.

Oh yeah, and the unbridled greed of you and others has skewed the percentage of income subject to Social Security taxes downward from 91% to 87% and is threatening the solvency of Social Security. You have two choices. Redistribute the income back to the working and middle classes to restore the 91% or accept a raise in the Social Security cap to get it back up to 91%.

Your choice you greedy arrogant pig.

In the meantime I won’t be staying at any Westgate Resort until you sell your interest in it which you would do long before you shut the business down.

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