Friday, October 19, 2012

Bible Banners Ok at Football Games

A Texas judge (where else?) has temporarily approved cheerleaders at an East Texas high school displaying bible themed banners at school football games.

Now I’m going to make a very simple statement. I think Christianity is silly and I would prefer not to be subject to its doctrines or its trappings. However, others have the right of free speech and, as private individuals, have the right to express their beliefs.

If they want to put bible banners or quotations on their cars or front lawns, that’s their right and I have to respect that right.

If the cheerleaders were students in the stands, I would agree with the judge’s ruling. But, as students engaging in a school sponsored function (cheerleading) at a school sponsored event (a football game) they are violating the 1st Amendment prohibition against the establishment of religion and violating the rights of any non-Christians, and perhaps even some Christians, also attending the event.

A non-Christian attending the high should not have to choose between going to the game and having his rights trampled.

When are Christians going to understand this simple fact?

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