Sunday, November 04, 2012


Holy crap did we get clobbered!

This is an absolute mess. I went to work Monday figuring I'd have to take Tuesday off. Well, I got that right. What I hadn't figured on is no power at the labs Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as well. We're still awaiting word about Monday.

I've home from work for four and a half days since they closed the place down Monday afternoon.

Power was out for three days by me. My daughter still has it out by her and a tree fell on her house. Let's not even talk about the gasoline fiasco.

Still, these are relatively minor annoyances, expensive, but still minor. There are over a hundred people dead and not that far from me the Hackensack River ended up in people's living rooms, boats crashed onto porches and at least two houses ended up in the middle of route 35.

Ever see a roller coaster in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? That's where the one in Seaside Heights ended up.

I will give Christie credit. He did seem on top of the situation but it took Cuomo in New York to start leaning on the power companies and taking measures in the gas nonsense. Christie at least had the good sense to follow suit.

The election is Tuesday and if the storm damage keeps anyone from the polls, you can be sure it won't be Republicans.

Obama appears to have gained some ground back so I'm not as pessimistic as I was a while back. I think it's going to be a cat fight. I'll be surprised if the thing is resolved Tuesday night. I'm thinking easily into Wednesday and maybe beyond.

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