Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel and Hamas

Things seem to be falling apart in the Gaza strip with Hamas firing rockets and Israel countering with air and naval strikes. The Israeli’s are calling up reserves in case a ground assault becomes necessary.

In the meantime the Egyptian Prime Minister has visited Gaza and is making noises supporting Hamas. He really has no other choice so it’s hard to gauge how far Egypt is willing to go.

This is the sort of situation that can easily spin out of control into all out war.

I hate to be selfish, but we really didn’t need this distraction with the Fiscal Cliff looming dead ahead.

As I’ve said in the past I really don’t have a horse in this race. Israel’s cozying up to the lunatic fringe in the US leaves me cold. The friend of my enemy is in a precarious position as far as my affections are concerned.

On the other hand I have no particular reason to admire Hamas; a group that straps bombs on teenagers and sends them on suicide missions with false promises of paradise.

It would be nice if the UN could figure out a way to calm things down. I would prefer Obama focus on fiscal issues at the moment.

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