Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Replacement NFL Refs II


That's the sound of that ticking time bomb I talked about going off.

The final play in the Packers-Seahawks game set it off. I haven't seen the play yet, I'll watch it tonight a dozen or so times since I have NFL Replay, but from what I'm reading, and the one photo I see, the Packers have several reasons to be upset.

First, Golden Tate, who "caught" the touchdown pass, reportedly shoved Green Bay defender Sam Shields out of the way, which would be offensive pass interference. Granted, this is a judgement call. I'll see what the replay shows tonight.

Second there is the question of who actually caught the ball. In the photo I've seen M.D. Jennings of Green Bay appears to clearly have possesion while Tate's arms are wrapped around Jennings and, I assume, also holding onto the ball. The play was ruled "simultaneous possession," another judgement call, which by rule goes to the receiver.

From what I see in the photo, that's what we used to say was a "tough call" because we weren't allowed to use profanity.

This situation couldn't be much worse for the NFL. The final and deciding play of a Monday Night Football game that goes against the 2nd most popular team in the country (the Cowboys are still #1 based upon the most recent poll).

The fact of the matter is there would probably be bitching and moaning regardless of who was officiating the game but clearly the coaches, players and fans have no confidence at all in these replacement referees and that just cranks up the volume. Enough is enough already.

Should be interesting to see what Senior Goodell does about this. If the regular referees aren't back on the field next Sunday the owners should give Goodell his walking papers. This is ridiculous.

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