Friday, September 21, 2012

The I Side With Quiz has a quiz you can take to see which presidential candidate you line up with. The site includes all candidates, including those from rather obscure parties.

It turns out I am in 93% agreement with Jill Stein, the Green Party nominee. Key areas where we disagree are on increasing offshore drilling (I say yes, she says no), whether illegal immigrants should have access to government sponsored health care (I say no, she says yes) and affirmative action (I say no, she says yes).

I got an 86% agreement mark with Barack Obama. Key areas where we disagree are on are whether foreign terrorism suspects should be given constitutional rights (I say yes, he says no), affirmative action (I say no, he says yes), more gun control (I say yes, he says no) and the death penalty (I say no, he says yes).

After that it was 70% agreement with Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party (which surprised me slightly), 68% agreement with Rocky Anderson (who I never heard of) of the Justice Party, 41% agreement with Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party.

I got a paltry 18% agreement with Mitt Romney. That’s pretty pathetic considering Goode rejects the Theory of Evolution and thinks it shouldn’t be taught in public schools and I got 41% with him!

It also did a “by party” comparison. I got 96% agreement with the Democrats, 89% with the Green Party, 46% with the Libertarian Party and 8% with the Republicans.

Think about those numbers. It means the two major parties agree on almost nothing.

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