Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Attack on Embassy in Libya

The Muslim world demonstrates once again that it’s uncivilized and on the edge of barbarism. Insulted by a film made by an Israeli film maker living in California called “The Innocence of Muslims” which, apparently, is less than complimentary to the prophet Muhammad, these pissants decided to attacked an American consulate killing the ambassador to Libya and three others. There were also protests reported in Egypt.

In the chaos the American Embassy in Egypt issued what sounded very much like a condemnation of the film while ignoring the acts of the Muslim protestors. This gave the Republicans, including Romney and over the hill moron Sarah Palin, an opportunity to act like complete assholes. Palin is still too stupid to see the benefits of democratic Arab governments while Romney is blaming Obama for the embassy announcement which was made without administration knowledge or approval.

So it seems Romney jumps to conclusions before learning all the facts? I doubt it. More likely he assumes the American public is too stupid to collect the facts. Personally I’m insulted and you should be too.

I do agree that the idiot in the embassy that issued the statement should be canned. If there is any principle that must be non-negotiable it is Freedom of Speech. Religion has no right to expect to be immune from criticism, satire or ridicule in a free society. The sooner the oft fleeced flock gets used to that idea, the easier things are going to be.

On the positive side, the President of Libya has condemned the attacks and is promising that the guilty will be brought to justice. Palin, on her Facebook page asks “how’s that Arab Spring working out for us now?”

Given the reaction of the Libyan and Egyptian governments in condemning the attacks, I’d say it’s working out pretty darn well. No one can control an entire populace. If we could, we wouldn’t have things like Columbine. If the guilty are actually caught and punished, I might even up that assessment.

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