Monday, September 24, 2012

Iran is Making Threats Again

I see the Iranians have again warned that an attack by Israel would result in an attack on US facilities in the region. The message probably isn’t aimed at Washington as much as it’s aimed at US allies in the Gulf. About the last thing they want is economic upheaval because of Israel.

Iran says it would attack US bases because it can’t imagine Israel going to war without US support.

What I’d like to ask the Iranians is does the phrase smoking pile of rubble conjure up a picture? Why not simply paint a huge target on your chest?

The damage that the Israelis can do to Iran and the damage that Iran can do to US bases in the region pales when compared to the damage US forces could do to Iran. Saber rattling isn’t going to impress the US even if it does frighten some of the Arab states in the gulf and the Iranians play a dangerous game when they talk about attacking western interests.

Iran survives only as long as the west doesn’t consider them a viable threat to the flow of oil coming out of the region. As soon as that changes, they’re toast, and they need to understand that.

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