Friday, September 28, 2012

The Presidential Election

I've been fairly quiet because, like just about everyone else, I'm getting punch drunk from the enormous amounts of over analysis.

Here's the bottom line to my mind.

Obama hasn't done a very good job. He should have focused on unemployment and the economy before attacking Health Care and his foreign policy at times has me scratching my head.

But, that being said, his resume is not all that bad.

1. We're essentially out of Iraq
2. Afghanistan is winding down
3. The stimulus stopped the economic free fall and has at least stabilized things
4. We have a Health Care law that will extend medical care while lowering the deficit
5. Don't Ask Don't Tell is gone
6. The Defense of Marriage Act is on the way out

On the down side the economic stimulus has deepened the debt hole we're in. It's time to seriously do something about that but not at the expense of sending the economy back into recession.

From the Republican side, I've heard little but that we're going to cut taxes on the rich and increase defense spending. Why and why?

The top 5% don't need a tax cut and increasing investment dollars is not going to spur the economy without first shoring up demand.

We already spend six times on defense over what the next highest defense spender, China, spends. It's unclear to me that we need to even maintain the current level of defense spending never mind increase it.

Beyond that, I've heard little but often unjustified criticisms. If you want someone to change horses, explain how you're going to make things better. To my mind Romney has failed miserably at doing that.

If you consider Real Clear Politics and Intrade, Obama has a small but reasonable lead. The race is far from over but Romney may be running out of time. I certainly hope he lays a big egg at the upcoming debate so we can begin to lay this dog to rest and get on with solving the country's problems.

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