Thursday, June 03, 2010

Christians United for Israel

John Hagee, a fundamentalist pastor from San Antonio that I was first introduced to in Matt Taibbi’s book “The Great Derangement,” organized Christians United for Israel (CUFI) in 2006.

The organization claims its support for Israel has nothing to do with Christian eschatology in which the state of Israel is believed to play a central role in the final conflict between good and evil.

During a speech at the CUFI summit in 2007, Hagee declared that he is in favor of a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran.

From that statement alone it is clear that Hagee is a nut.

A number of YouTube videos also clearly demonstrate that despite what the organization’s official stance is in regard to eschatology, the rank and file clearly think they're working toward bringing about the so-called End Times. I think Hagee and the organization’s claim that it has nothing to do with eschatology is total crap. I’m going with the rank and file here. I suspect that it has EVERYTHING to do with trying to accelerate the so-called End Times.

To say that these people are goddamned dangerous might well be the greatest understatement I have ever made. Allow me to declare now, clearly and succinctly, that they are on my enemies list.

This brings me to a bit of a crossroads. I have tended to stay neutral on the whole Palestinian-Israeli fiasco. I don’t really have a horse in that race and I think both sides have done reprehensible things and both sides deserve some sympathy.

But you know the old saying about the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I’m just not quite ready to go there yet.

Israel, and its supporters like Joe Lieberman who attended at least one CUFI Summit, are playing with fire here. I’m sure they’re both thinking they can play the CUFI for support and money while ignoring the more fruitcake aspects of the organization.

That’s what the Industrialists and Junkers thought about the Nazis too.

That Christian eschatology is total crap is a given. The synod must have been drunk or hung over when it included Revelations in the canon. But you’re just as dead from a nuclear missile launched because of a fable as from one launched based upon reality.

The more I read about the whackos running around this country and amassing political power, the more comfortable I’d feel if this country had no nuclear arsenal. Unilateral nuclear disarmament is sounding better and better.

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