Friday, June 18, 2010

You’ve got to be kidding

England tied Algeria 0-0. Ok, so the U.S. advances either if they beat Algeria or they tie Algeria and England loses to Slovenia or ties Slovenia and scores less than 2 goals more than the U.S. scores against Algeria.

You got that?

They play at the same time next Wednesday so nobody finds out ahead what the story is.

England is teetering on the edge here as well. Slovenia advances with a win against England or a tie against England. If they lose, they can still advance if they only lose by 1 goal, Algeria beats the U.S. by less than 2 goals while scoring less than three goals more than Slovenia.

Or, at least I think I got that right.

Algeria isn’t out of it either. They advance if they beat the U.S. and Slovenia beats or ties England. They can also advance if Slovenia loses and they beat the U.S. by at least 2 goals or they score more than 3 goals more than Slovenia.

I have a headache now so I'm not going to work out Groups A and B.

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