Friday, June 04, 2010

Here's a Story for You

When I got home yesterday I found an envelope of small change, mostly nickels and a few dimes, lying on the ground outside my front door. On it was a note, printed in a child's scrawl, expressing the hope that my wife was feeling better. When I picked it up I discovered the seam had split and I had nickels cascading down all along my front walk.

Not sure what to make of it I picked up the fallen nickels and took the envelope inside. Since my wife was at physical therapy I put it on her laptop as a few more nickels fell out. When she got home she identified the signer of the note as a boy in her second grade class. Of course despite my warning her about the split seam she also had nickels bouncing around and I got the opportunity to crawl around the floor picking them up. Wanting to know the full story behind the envelope my wife contacted the mother of the boy today and the story goes something like this:

When he heard that my wife had to have surgery on her hip he decided that he wanted to help pay for it. He used a pair of pliers to shape paper clips into hearts and sold them to family and friends for a nickel each. The contents of the envelope was the earnings from his endeavor.

Just thought you might enjoy the story. Maybe there's hope for us after all.

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