Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The American Decency Association

I got to the American Decency Association site from “Fundies say the Darndest Things.” It’s a fairly standard self righteous conservative Christian site run by people convinced that they have a monopoly on morality and respectability.

I’m trying to stop sending e-mails to these places but I just couldn’t resist this one and sent off the following missive.

I was directed to your website from "Fundies say the Darndest Things" and I have to say I am appalled at what you consider "decency."

Your see no problem with denying sick children health care but get upset when McDonalds keeps its promise to be neutral with regard to homosexuality. Oh yes, neutrality means serving everyone and not judging which is exactly what they're doing. The fact of the matter is that you don't have the resources to care for "the ill and those in need;" the government does.

I am also appalled at the amount of ignorance dripping from your site. Allow me to point out that no one I've ever met is "pro-abortion." Pro-choice does not mean "pro-abortion." It means realizing that no one has the right to make decisions regarding significant life choices other than the people involved.

Neither is there such a thing as a "global warming agenda." That the earth's climate is changing is a simple observable fact. Why it's changing has been, until recently, somewhat unsettled. However, now the evidence appears fairly conclusive that carbon dioxide, and other greenhouse gas emissions, from cars and other human activities are a significant contributing factor. This is not an "agenda;" it is a technical conclusion reached by knowledgeable experts. If you have contrary evidence, feel free to present it in a professional technical forum.

The Federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 has absolutely nothing to do with "greater punishment for criminals based on their thoughts." A hate crime is defined as a violent act directed against an individual or group purely because of some characteristic of that individual or group. Race, color, religion, ethnicity and country of origin were already covered by previous legislation; the 2009 bill simply extends the definition to sexual orientation and sexual identity. It makes no change in the existing definition of a hate crime.

I also wouldn't worry about any law "making it illegal for pastors to preach what God’s Word says about homosexuality." The United States has a long tradition of allowing religion to discriminate. The Hates Crimes Prevention Act itself, in Section 8 of the bill, specifically exempts “expressive conduct” and “activities protected by the constitution” and, the last time I looked, freedom of speech, including sermons, were still protected. Something, based upon your site, I'm sure you'd like to change so that freedom of speech would only cover things you agree with.

You are entitled to believe what you want to believe and you are entitled to express those beliefs. What you are not entitled to do is decide that your beliefs are exclusively right and therefore should be imposed on everyone else.

I don't know if there is a God, but if there is, I suspect he would as appalled as I am that you're more concerned about whether gays can get a hamburger at a fast food joint than whether poor children get adequate health care. Did you ever stop to think how many abortions are because poor women without health care can't afford to take a child to term?

American Decency indeed. Perhaps you should focus a bit more upon truth and accuracy and stop worrying about how much cleavage there is in a Victoria's Secret display.

With total disdain,

P.S. The National Day of Prayer IS unconstitutional. You can pray all you want but the government cannot impose, encourage or support it.

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