Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Because only the rich should run for office

The Supreme Court struck another blow for Oligarchy and Special Interests by, at least temporarily, blocking the State of Arizona from providing “matching funds” in political contests. The use of state funds is blocked until the court decides to hear the case or not. Of course that may not matter for current candidates that are running based upon having public funds that they’re not going to have.

In Arizona, Connecticut and Maine, an attempt is made to level the playing field between candidates that have access to significant private funds and those that don’t.

This makes a tremendous amount of sense to me. It makes it easier for not so rich candidates to throw their hats into the arena and makes “buying candidates” through campaign contributions a little harder.

According to the AP “Critics contend matching funds chill free-speech rights of privately financed candidates and their contributors by inhibiting fundraising and spending.”

Huh? So now fundraising is free speech? And just because the other guy can spend as much to get his message across doesn’t in any way inhibit you from saying what you need to say so I think that argument is a load of crap. If anything uneven funding inhibits the underfunded candidate’s rights of free speech.

You will excuse me but this is the third disastrous recent Supreme Court decision. It seems that to the current court only the rich and Christians have rights worth defending and the rest of us can go pound salt.

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