Monday, February 01, 2016

Watching the Iowa Caucuses

Right now Clinton and Sanders are basically in a dead heat.

Clinton - 49.96%
Sanders - 49.36%

On the Republican side it's:

Cruz - 27.72%
Trump - 24.42%
Rubio - 22.96%
Carson - 9.30%

At least on the Republican side all Iowa ever manages to do is galvanize the Republican elite. The people that attend the caucuses are so far to the right they're just not representative of anything other than the Iowa caucuses.

Mike Huckabee won in 2008 and Rick Santorum edged out Mitt Romney in 2012. Huckabee had something like 34% of the vote and was never heard from again.

Here's hoping Ted Cruz is never heard from again.

Looking at the numbers I have to believe that the big winner here is going to be Marco Rubio because he's someone that the party elites can live with and can rally behind. I thought it was going to be Bush but he looks like he's got no hope. Rubio has endorsements from 4 Senators and 23 Representatives. Cruz has endorsements from 18 Representatives. Trump has endorsements from no one.

Martin O'Malley has officially announced that he's suspending his campaign and Ben Carson says he's going to take a break from campaigning. Hopefully that's the last we'll see of Carson.

I've just seen that Mike Huckabee is suspending his campaign as well. Well Mike, we hate to see you go; we hate to see you go; we hope to hell you never come back; we hate to see you go. Good riddance.

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