Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Hampshire Final Numbers

Things didn't change that much from the early going.

For the Democrats:

Bernie Sanders - 60.2%
Hillary Clinton - 38.2%

Apparently Clinton conceded as soon as the polls closed.

For the Republicans it looks like this.

Donald Trump - 35.4%
John Kasich - 15.7%
Ted Cruz - 11.7%
Jeb Bush - 11.0%
Marco Rubio - 10.5%
Chris Christie - 7.4%
Carly Fiorina - 4.1%
Ben Carson - 2.3%

This is a big win for Trump and unfortunately Cruz, may camels mash his little toes, managed a respectable third. Rubio came back slightly but still finished a disappointing fifth.

The rumor is that Christie is giving it up after this and Carson and Fiorina should seriously consider hanging it up after this as well but the word is Carson is already heading for South Carolina.

So now what? It's on to South Carolina.

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